MultiCultural Sports Club

Name: MultiCultural Sports Club
Location: Canal No 2 Polder, West Bank Demerara
Affiliation: West Demerara Cricket Association
Web: Facebook

Corentyne High School

Name: Corentyne High School (JC Chandisingh Secondary School)
Location: Rose Hall Town, Corentyne
Ground: Rose Hall Town (on school campus)

Wales Cricket

Name: Wales Cricket Club
Location: West Bank Demerara
Ground: Wales Community Centre

2013 Activities

Friendly matches

Upper Corentyne

Name: Upper Corentyne Cricket Club
Location: East Corentyne, except Skeldon
Ground: No 69

The Upper Corentyne team plays First Division cricket and consists of players from several communitiesthat individually play Second Division cricket.

2013 Activities

No 5 Cricket Club

Name: No 5 Cricket Club
Location: No 5 Village, West Berbice
Ground: No 5

2013 Activities

Division 2 Norman Singh 20-overs:

Achievers Youth & Sports Club

Name: Achievers Youth & Sports Club
Location: Lovely Lass, West Berbice

2011 Activities

Bush Lot

Name: Bush Lot Cricket Club
Location: Bush Lot Village, West Berbice
Ground: Bush Lot

2013 Activities


Division 1 Universal DVD 20-overs:

No 3 Cricket Club

Name: No 3 Cricket Club
Location: No 3 Village, West Berbice

2013 Activities

Division 2 Norman Singh 20-overs:

St Cuthbert's Warriors

Name: St Cuthbert's Warriors Sports Club
Location: St Cuthbert's Mission, Mahaica Creek, East Coast Demerara
Ground: St Cuthbert's Mission

Golden Grove Cricket Club

Name: Golden Grove Cricket Club
Location: Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara

2013 Activities

Division 2 40-overs Elizabeth Styles:

(10 March at Ogle) Final between Ogle and Golden Grove.


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