Guyana v Barbados FC (28 Feb 1967)

Match: Guyana v Barbados
Competition: Shell Shield 1966/67
Venue: Bourda, Georgetown
Format: First class 4-day match on 28 Feb - 03 Mar 1967
Toss: Guyana, who chose to bat
Result: Match drawn
Guyana 1st innings
How out Runs Mins 4s 6s
RC Fredericks c Taylor b Bethell 127 232    
JS Solomon run out 68      
RB Kanhai retired hurt 144      
BF Butcher not out 183 297 19 1
+O Glasgow c and b Sobers 29   6 -
V Mayers b Lashley 31      
R Ramnarace c Greenidge b Brancker 51      
LM Cornelius did not bat        
RC Collymore did not bat        
W English did not bat        
*LR Gibbs did not bat        
Extras (8b) 8
Total (5 wkts dec, 165.5 overs) 641
Fall of wickets: 1-292 (Fredericks), 2-393 (Solomon), 3-446 (Glasgow), 4-547 (Mayers), 5-641 (Ramnarace, 165.5 ov)
Barbados bowling
Bowler O M R W
Sobers 28
5 82 1
Edwards 23
5 102 0
Howard 17
2 60 0
Holford 16
1 80 0
Brancker 36.5 9 114 1
Greenidge 3
0 27 0
Bethell 24
3 86 1
Lashley 18
1 82 1
Barbados 1st innings
How out Runs Mins 4s 6s
MR Bynoe lbw b Ramnarace 12      
GA Greenidge run out 2      
PD Lashley c and b Gibbs 204 325 27 2
RC Brancker st Glasgow b Cornelius 5      
SM Nurse c Gibbs b English 0      
DAJ Holford lbw b English 80 168 11 -
*GS Sobers b English 165 280 18 1
JAL Bethell not out 57      
+AM Taylor c sub b Ramnarace 5      
AB Howard st Glasgow b Collymore 5      
RM Edwards b English 0      
Extras (17b) 17
Total (all out, 192.4 overs) 552
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Greenidge), 2-34 (Bynoe), 3-57 (Brancker), 4-58 (Nurse), 5-256 (Holford), 6-363 (Lashley), 7-525 (Sobers), 8-540 (Taylor), 9-549 (Howard), 10-552 (Edwards, 192.4 ov)
Guyana bowling
Bowler O M R W
English 39.4 9 111 4
Ramnarace 27
3 89 2
Solomon 19
3 51 0
Cornelius 18
3 83 1
Gibbs 53
15 103 1
Collymore 35
6 93 1
Butcher 1
0 5 0
Guyana 2nd innings
How out Runs Mins 4s 6s
RC Fredericks c Edwards b Lashley 115      
V Mayers c Greenidge b Bethell 10      
LM Cornelius b Bethell 28      
+O Glasgow c Taylor b Howard 20      
R Ramnarace c Bynoe b Lashley 27      
RC Collymore not out 36      
W English not out 6      
Extras (2b) 2
Total (5 wkts, 64 overs) 244
Fall of wickets:
1-15, 2-66, 3-96, 4-192, 5-209
Barbados bowling
Bowler O M R W
Howard 9
2 29 1
Holford 12
3 55 0
Greenidge 3
1 16 0
Bethell 18
2 72 2
Lashley 12
3 41 2
Bynoe 10
1 29 0


  • RC Fredericks (1) passed his previous highest score of 31 in first-class matches
  • RC Fredericks (1) made his first century in first-class matches
  • JS Solomon (1) passed 5000 runs in first-class matches when he reached 66
  • BF Butcher (1) passed 7500 runs in first-class matches when he reached 133
  • R Ramnarace (1) passed his previous highest score of 21 in first-class matches
  • JS Solomon retired hurt in the Guyana first innings having scored 40 (team score 89/0) - he returned at the fall of the 1st wicket
  • RB Kanhai retired hurt in the Guyana first innings having scored 144 (team had lost 1 wickets)
  • Cornelius, English and Glasgow made their first class debuts

Guyana Graphic reports:

Day 1:

(From Page 1) ... puzzled by Bethell's awkward action and it came as no surprise when he snicked a catch to Taylor behind the wicket. His 127, scored in 228 minutes, contained 18 fours. His success as an opener must pose a problem for the Guyana selectors for a fit Camacho cannot be left out of the next game.

When Butcher arrived the tea break was in the offing and the centre of interest now was just how much Guyana would get by the time the interval was taken. The first session to lunch had garnered 143 runs.

Butcher was at once in good tick and at the break the score stood at 303 for one, 160 coming in the two hours alter lunch.

Brancher, Howard, Holford and Lashley had all had a fling by tea but none of them appeared capable of making a breakthrough. Off-spinner Howard looked the best, getting some turn from the wicket, but the pitch was too slow for his efforts to be effective.

Kanhai's 100, which seemed certain when he first took strike, bad of course been reached by then, and at tea he had 110 to Butcher's 11. Rohan was all elegance and grace and the way he found the gaps in Sobers's well set field was uncanny. His century had taken only 113 minutes and contained 16 fours.

At 117 he got a "life" when Edwards dropped a return catch but other than that he never put a foot wrong. Gripped by cramp, Kanhai was forced to retire with the total at 352 of which his own contribution was 144. He had been batting for 196 minutes and had hit 23 fours.

When Kanhai departed Solomon resumed his interrupted innings but after adding 19 he was run out by a good throw from Edwards with the score at 393. Butcher and new boy Glasgow were together at the close when Guyana had 404 for 2. Butcher had 51, made in 96 minutes with the aid of seven fours, and Glasgow had eight from two boundaries.

Barbados stood up fairly well in the field although here and there a few players appeared a little off-colour especially when fielding in the deep.

For some inexplicable reason Sobers did not try his back-of-the-hand spin when the heat was on yesterday. Perhaps he will have to do so today for there's still an awful lot of batting yet to come.

Day 4:

(Part missing) ... thing yesterday morning brought fresh hope to Guyana that they would be able to break the tough seventh wicket overnight partnership between Sobers and his able assistant Bethell. But it was a long wait before the breakthrough came.

Bowling with great accuracy in his second spell of the morning, English swung one back on Sobers which beat and bowled the Barbados skipper with the score at 525. Sobers's 165 occupied 260 minutes and included 18 fours.

Bethell, a "deflectionist", held his ground while Taylor and Howard came and departed like deserters fleeing from battle. Edwards, though scoreless, stuck it out to lunch when Barbados stood at 552 for 9, with Bethel on 57. Lefthander English sealed the issue after the interval by bowling Edwards to finish with a bag of 4 for 111.

When Barbados took the field for Guyana's second innings Lashley led them in the absence of Gary Sobers whose left hand was injured whilst batting. Nurse, who Is suffering from an injured leg, was also absent so Holder and King acted as substitutes.

Guyana opener Fredericks had a new partner in Mayers but the alliance was short-lived, Mayers lofting a simple catch to Greenidge off Bethel who along with Lashley had opened Barbados's attack.

Barbados grabbed two more wickets as the score moved to 96 but Fredericks and Ramnarace dispelled any thought of a collapse with a fourth wicket partnership of 96 before Fredericks made his exit, caught Edwards off Lashley in attempting to hit the bowler out of the ground.

By then he had already carved his name in the hall of West Indies cricket fame by scoring another century. Ramnarace fell to a slip catch to Bynoe and at the end Collymore and English were together.