Demerara v Berbice 2in (05 Sep 1952)

Daily Argosy
Match: Demerara v Berbice 2in (05 Sep 1952)
Competition: 1952 Inter-County Competition
Format: 2 innings 3-day match on 05-07 Sep 1952
Venue: Georgetown Cricket Club
Toss: Unknown
Result: Demerara won by first innings lead
Demerara 1st innings
Batsman How out Runs
BH Pairaudeau b Chase 42
L Wight stpd Persaud b Khan 68
G Gibbs b Khan 46
RJ Christiani (capt) c Baijnauth b Khan 8
G Camacho c wk Persaud b Bickrarn 13
RA Gibbons c. wk Persaud b Baijnauth 11
J Trim c and b Baijnauth 37
NA Rodney c Thomas b Khan 7
N Wight c Moonsawrny b Baijnauth 4
AFR Bishop not out 7
Basdeo b Khan 7
Extras   7
Total   257
Fall of wickets: 1-73; 2-147; 3-161; 4-178; 5-182; 6-222; 7-233; 8-243; 9-249
Berbice bowling
Bowler O M R W
S Baijnauth 30 5 60 3
AM Learmond 5 0 28 0
Ganim Khan 28.2 6 68 5
B Bickram 10 3 46 1
E Chase 21 6 39 1
Berbice 1st innings
Batsman How out Runs
C Paul b Wight 52
S Adjodha b Bishop 33
L Milne c Gibbs b Trim 14
S Moonsawmy c Christiani b Bishop 38
L Thomas c Camacho b Basdeo 29
B Bickram lbw Bishop 3
AM Learmond (capt) c Christiani b Bishop 0
G Khan c Camacho b Wight 9
S Baijnauth c Gibbons b Bishop 3
H Persaud c Rodney b. Bishop 0
E Chase not out 0
Extras   6
Total   189
Fall of wickets: 1-70; 2-91; 3-102; 4-153; 5-163; 6-183; 7-184; 8-187; 9-187 
Demerara bowling
Bowler O M R W
J Trim 13 5 30 1
NA Rodney 7 5 2 0
N Wight 17 7 38 2
GA Carnacho 3 0 9 0
Basdeo 12 0 46 1
AFR Bishop 24.5 7 56 6
Demerara 2nd innings
Batsman How out Runs
L Wight run out 18
BH Pairaudeau stpd Persaud b Bickram 22
G Gibbs c wk Persaud b Baijnauth 9
*RJ Christiani b Bickram 1
GA Camacho b Bickram 8
HA Gibbons b Baijnauth 27
J. Trim c Baijnauth b Khan 7
VA Rodney c Paul b Khan 3
N Wight c Thomas b Chase 0
AFR. Bishop c Milne b Bickram 9
Basdeo not out 0
Extras   6
Total   102
Fall of wickets: 1-28; 2-45; 3-52; 4-52; 5-54; 6-71; 7-79; 8-83; 9-101 
Berbice bowling
Bowler O M R W
S Baijnauth 17.1 4 35 2
L Milne 6 1 18 0
B Bickram 12 7 17 4
Ganim Khan 11 5 15 2
E Chase 6 1 11 1
Berbice 2nd innings
Batsman How out Runs
D Adjodhia b Rodney 0
C Paul b Rodney 17
L Milne b Rodney 0
S Moonsawmy b Rodney 0
L Thomas b Rodney 2
S Baijnauth st Gibbons b Wight 41
*A Learmond lbw Bishop 2
B Bickram not out 22
G Khan c wk Gibbons b Rodney 0
H Persaud b Wight 14
E Chase not out 5
Extras   6
Total (for 9 wkts) 109
Fall of wickets: 1-0; 2-4; 3-4; 4-8; 3-59; 6-62; 7-82; 8-82; 9-104
Demerara bowling
Bowler O M R W
J Trim 6 3 5 0
VA Rodney 11 1 36 6
N Wight 10 2 23 2
AFR Bishop 11 3 39 1


Daily Argosy second day report:

Bishop (6 for 56) and Khan 5 for 68 Give Creditable Display

A stylish innings of 52 by Charles Paul, and a sterling display with the ball by A. F. R. Bishop were the chief features yesterday when the Inter-County cricket final between Demerara and Berbice was continued on the G.C.C. ground, Bourda. Close of play found the board reading: Demerara 257 and 5 for no wicket; Berbice 189.

Ganim Khan 1952Ganim Khan included Colony stars Wight, Christiani and Gibbs in his bag of five for 68.

As on the opening day, the weather was again ideal for cricket, while the wicket showed an increased tendency to take spin. When the game was resumed, Demerara folded up  quickly before Khan, who got the two remaining wickets to end up with five for 68 in an impressive performance.

In reply, the Berbice opening pair of Paul and Adjodha set about the task confidently, and had put on 70 before they were separated. With powerful drives and pulls, and some graceful onside strokes, Paul asserted mastery over the bowling and, though given two chances, played the best innings seen so far for the game.

Milne played a sound but short-lived innings, while an ultra-quiet Moonsawmy was dismissed just when be seemed to be getting into his stride. L. Thomas, however, hit out boldly and, with Moonsawmy, threatened at one-stage to give their side a first innings win.

Chief cause of the debacle was left-arm spinner Aubrey Bishop. who went one step further towards securing a place in the Colony side for the Jamaica visit. Bowling at an accurate length and turning his deliveries sharply, he presented a problem to the batsmen and was never successfully countered.

Right-arm leg-breaker Basdeo bowled a few good balls but found the batsmen in punishing mood, while Wight was far from being hostile. Trim bowled with some pace during a second spell but Rodney, who commanded full respect whilst bowling seven ovens for two runs, was used much too little.

The fielding was very patchy in the early stages, but improved when Demerara gained the initiative.

The match concludes today, play starting at 12.30 p.m.

Daily Argosy third day report:


When the visitors took their stand at the wickets, the most astonishing cricket of the day resulted. In his first over with the new ball, Rodney removed Adjodhia, in his second over he got rid of Milne and Moonsawmy with successive balls while, in his third, he removed a watchful Thomas. All four of these were clean-bowled, and surprised spectators slowly realised that there were only eight runs on the board.

Meanwhile Paul, who opened the innings, was playing with determination to save the side. He also executed some crisp on-drives, but found the field too tight to get many runs. Joined by Baijnauth, he held his end and saw the latter wade first into Rodney, and then into Wight and Bishop, to collect 41 sparkling runs.

With Baijnauth out, Paul continued to be rook-like, but lost his wicket when Rodney was re-introduced into the attack. Ganim Khan was dismissed off the next ball and then Bickram staged a last-minute fight to avert defeat.

Aided by Persaud, the two added 22 runs, and then Chase and Bickram finally played until an appeal against poor light was upheld. Rodney finished six for 36, while Wight (2 for 23) and Bishop (1 fo 39) secured the remaining wickets.

Teams Entertained

At a pleasant function in the pavilion afterwards, K.L. Wishart, Honorary Secretary of the B.G. Cricket Board of Control, explained that the games were due to the initiative of Mr. John Storey, until recently secretary of the Essequibo body.

Speeches were also made by the captains of the three sides and by the manager of the Berbice side. The Essequibo and Berbice teams will leave for home this morning.