Mission Statement

The mission of this website is to inform the world about past and present Guyana cricket, including its cricketers, officials, clubs, organisations, competitions, etc, by collecting and publishing information about cricket in Guyana. All forms of the game, at all levels, are addressed.

Through pursuing this mission, this website helps to sustain the high cricket standards in Guyana that make it a primary constituent of the West Indies team, by building pride in past successes and recording failures for examination. Outstanding cricketers are honoured with special pages, tributes, etc, though no indivual is idolised.

The forms of cricket covered include traditional (hardball) cricket and softball (including tapeball). Guyana-cricket.com has maintained a special relationship with the Guyana Floodlights Softball Cricket Association.

Guyana has produced world class cricketers, such as Shiv Chanderpaul and Clive Lloyd, with local and regional resources only. The sustained production of top class players would be helped by a better understanding of contributing factors. This website believes that the information it contains will help with this.

The information on this site should also help to better understand the administrative crises that Guyana cricket undergoes from time to time.

This website covers Guyana softball cricket, because of its social and cultural significance. Guyana softball, with its underarm bowling, is a unique form of cricket. Played with a rubber ball, its low potential for injuries makes specialised equipment unnecessary. Its enormous following in Guyana is testimony to the Guyanese passion for the game.

Primary information sources include Guyana and international cricket websites. In recent months the input from individuals, including past players, has been rising. Input from clubs, organisations or individuals anywhere will always be welcome.

This website has no commercial objectives. Fund-raising efforts or references to commercial organisations are entirely philanthropic.

This website began in 2010 and is not part of the Guyana Cricket Board in any way.

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13 Sep 2014