Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTYSC)

Rose Hall Town, about 14 miles east of New Amsterdam and with a population of 8,000, is the home of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTYSC).

Rose Hall was once owned by Dutch planters, but was later purchased by former field slaves after emancipation. In became a village in 1908 and a town 1970. The township is divided into three wards: Middle Rose Hall, East Rose Hall and Williamsburg. Rose Hall Town is a shopping and commercial hub for surrounding areas, with several banks, supermarkets and general stores.

One of Guyana's best-run clubs, RHTYSC won the national Club-Of-The-Year award in 2004, 2005, 2009 and 2010.

Name: Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTYSC)
Address: Rose Hall Town, Berbice
Ground: Area 'H' Ground, Rose Hall, Berbice

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RHTYSC was founded on September 15, 1990 by the St. Francis Community Developers, to "lend a helping hand in molding and shaping the lives of the young and meeting the needs of the not so young and elderly". The stated objectives of the RHTYSC today are:

  • To promote sports, education and culture as alternatives to scourge of drugs and the evil ways of Satan,
  • To improve facilities for youths,
  • To bring youths closer to the God they believe in, and
  • To make a positive difference in the lives of the less fortunate and elderly.


The clubs notable achievements include the following.

  • Produced several national and regional cricketers, including national first class cricketers Esuan Crandon, Royston Crandon, Assad Fudadin, Delbert Hicks and Andre Percival. Royston Crandon represented the West Indies in One-Day Internationals and Assad Fudadin represented West Indies 'A' abroad. Three female cricketers represented the West Indies and five played for Guyana.
  • Won national competitions in 2004 and 2005, the national female cricket championship in 2009 and over 30 Berbice cricket titles at various levels.
  • Won the national Cricket Club-of-the-Year Award in 2004, 2005, 2009 and 2010.
  • Led the restoration of the Area ‘H’ Ground in 1996 at the cost of $15M to transform the venue into a modem sports facility. The ground is owned by the Rose Hall Town Council which repaired the outer fence and constructed an inner fence this year. The club maintains the building which was constructed under the President’s Youth Choice Initiative Project.
  • Organised cricket academies, hosted the Busta Champion of Champions Cricket tournament, and sponsored educational summer camps and numerous sports competitions for youths in Berbice.
  • Produced over 150 TV programmes and 13 magazines and booklets, including an annual youth magazine.
  • Undertook numerous community projects including the restoration of the Rose Hall Kiddies Corner, Street signs in the township, small concrete bridges, anti-drugs billboards and the construction of a charity kitchen.
  • Led the restoration of the Lower Corentyne Secondary School in 1990 – 1992 at the cost of $2M.
  • Hosted 800 feeding programmes, assisted 20,000 school children, distributed $40M in clothing and footwear, $35M worth of educational and hygiene kits, $20M worth of sports equipment and $15M worth of food items.
  • Hosted over 100 annual programmes/projects including: Tribute to Heroes, Tribute to Outstanding Teachers, Tribute to Retired Teachers, Region 6 Outstanding Students Awards, Tribute to Role Model Couples, Children Mash Parade, Mother and Father of the Year among others.

Players include: 

Seniors (male): Renwick Batson, Devin Baldeo, Collis Cort, Esaun Crandon (Guyana), Royston Crandon (Guyana, WI), Assad Fudadin (Guyana), V. Gooniah, Delbert Hicks (Guyana), Eon Hooper, Surendra Kissoonlall, Lloydel Lewis, Terrence Madramootoo, Troy Mathieson, Rawle Perreira, Shawn Perreira, Clinton Pestano, Dominic Rikhi and Kellon Sinclair

Seniors (female): Shemaine Campbelle (Guyana, WI), Erva Giddings (Guyana, WI), Melanie Henry (Guyana), Phaffiana Millington, Tessa Park, Nermala Sewdat, Jacquelin Singh, Oneika Tello and Nikita Toney (Guyana)

2013 Activities

The club held its 24 Annual Awards Ceremony for 2013 on 18 May 2014. Addressing the capacity audience, Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster described the period from January 2013 to March 2014 as "highly successful, despite numerous challenges".

Foster stated that the club successfully completed 200 activities and 11 of its members represented Guyana at the different levels. Other achievements included sponsorship for 32 sports tournaments in Berbice and assistance to over 40 sports organisations with equipment, uniforms and stationery.

Talented batsman Ashkay Homraj won the Cricketer-of-the-Year award and over $600,000 in prizes, including a return trip to the United States of America, compliments of Travel Span.

West Indies female star Shemaine Campbelle won the runner-up Cricketer-of-the-Year and $200,000, while national player Rajiv Ivan received $100,000 and a West Indies medallion, compliments of King’s Jewellery World for his benefit year.

Guest speaker, Junior Finance Minister Bishop Juan Edgill, praised the club's achievements and spoke about the importance of discipline to success.

Other speakers included club president Keith Foster, former West Indies batsman Basil Butcher, president of the Guyana Teachers Union Mark Lyte and Father Ramesh Vanan of the St Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Youth Club.

Keith Foster thanked the club sponsors and the other speakers praised the club's unbelievable work, both in sports and the community.

The awardees:

  • Farfan & Mendes Under-15 batsman 2013 - B. Yadram
  • Farfan & Mendes Under-15 bowler 2013 - Brandon Corlette
  • Farfan & Mendes Under-15 cricketer 2013 - B.Yadram
  • Bakewell Under 17 batsmen - Brandon Prasad
  • Bakewell Under-17 bowler - Azam Khan
  • Bakewell Under-17 cricketer - Brandon Prasad
  • Pepsi Under-19 batsman - Akshay Homraj
  • Pepsi Under-19 bowler- Keon Sinclair
  • Pepsi Under-19 cricketer - Akshay Homraj
  • Metro Female batsman - Shemaine Campbelle
  • Metro Female bowler - Erva Giddings
  • Metro Female cricketer - Shemaine Campbelle
  • Bakewell Second Division batsman - Devin Baldeo
  • Bakewell Second Division bowler - S. Shameer
  • Bakewell Second Division cricketer - S. Shameer
  • Gizmos & Gadgets First Division batsman - Rajiv Ivan
  • Gizmos & Gadgets First Division bowler - Clinton Pestano
  • Gizmos & Gadgets First Division cricketer - Rajiv Ivan
  • Most Disciplined male player - Kumar Jeer
  • Most Disciplined female player - Shabika Gajnabi
  • Most Committed member - Plaffina Millington
  • Most Improve Cricketer - Veeramootoo Senwasie
  • Most Promising Cricketer - Kevlon Anderson
  • Fielder-of-the-Year - Dominic Rikhi
  • Clubs Role Model of the Year - Assad Fudadin
  • Worker of the Year - Moonish Singh
  • Benefit of the Year - Rajiv Ivan
  • Runner up Cricketer-of-the-Year - Shemaine Campbelle
  • Cricketer-of-the-Year - Akshay Homraj
  • Most Committed Cricketer - Dominic Rihki

2012 Division 1 Telenec 50-overs:

  • (16 March at Rose Hall Town) Rose Hall Town defeated Albion by 6 wickets and advanced to the final. Albion 100 in 36 overs (D Bishoo 43, E Hooper 5-25). Rose Hall Town 103-4 in 20 overs (R Ivan 35*, J Sinclair 33, D Rikhi 15, K Mahadeo 10*, B Baldeo 2-22, S Ramcharran 1-?, B Dukha 1-?).

2012 Intermediate Division Neal & Massy 50-overs

  • (3 Feb at Albion) Rose Hall Town Pepsi defeated D'Edward Sports Club by 1 wicket to win the competition. D'Edward 114 in 32 overs (D Narine 25, J Heeralall 20, R Boodram 19, J Persaud 15, L Sukhra 15, E Hooper 4-27, J Sinclair 3-16). Rose Hall Town 116-9 in 36.? overs (D Hicks 38, D Baldeo 18, D Rikhi 15, J Sinclair 12, E Abel 3-17, C France 2-18).
  • RHTYSC reached the final of the Neal & Massy Intermediate Division 50-overs competition, against D'Edward, at Albion in February 2013.

Players include: Devin Baldeo, Arif Chan, Ingram Dey, Delbert Hicks, Michael Hicks, Askay Homraj, Eon Hooper, Rajiv Ivan, Jamal Jarvis, Daniel Lewis, Khemraj Mahadeo, Ravi Narine, Brandon Prashad, Dominique Rikhi, Jason Sinclair

2011 Activities

2011 club officials
President Keith Foster
Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster
Assnt Secretary/CEO Nermala Sewdatt
Treasurer Dawn Hicks
Organising Secretary Ravi Narine
Assnt Organising Secretaries Shemaine Campbell and Erva Giddings
Office Manager Moonish Singh
Assnt Office Manager Dominic Rikhi
Cricket Director Patrick Lewis
Public Relations Officer Loyden Lewis
Assnt Public Relations Officer Shawn Perriera
Committee Members Surendra Kissoonlall and Shenella Mc Bean

RHTYSC continued attracting sponsors, with Universal DVD becoming an official sponsor, and Farfan & Mendes renewing its sponsorship of the Under-15 team, both in February. Also in February the RHTYSC female tea defeated the Police Sports Club female team. In July, Beverly harper, the Managing Director of Ansa McAl Trading Limited became the 4th Club Patron. She took over from June Mendes, who stepped down because of health.

2010 Activies

2010 club officials
CEO/Secretary: Hilbert Foster
Assistant Secretary: Nermala Sewdat
Treasurer: Dawn Hicks
Organising Secretary: Ravi Narine
Assistant Organising Secretaries: Shermaine Campbelle and Erva Giddings
Office Manager: Moonish Singh
Assistant Office Manager: Dominic Rikhi
Public Relations Officer: Lloydel Lewis
Assistant Public Relations Officer: Shawn Pereira
  • Organised 107 programmes and projects;
  • Under-15 team won the Berbice Tenelec Inc title in January, 2010;
  • Under-17 team won the Leslie Amsterdam title in February;
  • Under-23 team won the Peter Lewis title;
  • Female team won (1) the national female championship in February by defeating East Coast in the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) tournament and (2) the Busta Trophy;
  • First division team won (1) the 2010 Busta Champion of Champions title, (2) the Rose Hall Town 20th anniversary trophy and (3) the Port Mourant Cricket club 20/20 tournament, (4) was runner-up team in the 2010 Ramcharitar first division 40-over competition and (5) was runner-up in the Tenelec Inc. 50-over tournament;
  • Members represented Berbice at the Under-15 level (Parmanand Narine, Shawn Perreira, Devin Baldeo and V. Gooniah), at the Under-19 level (Dominic Rikhi, Lloydel Lewis, Collis Cort, Shawn Perreira and Clinton Pestano) at the senior level (Royston and Esaun Crandon, Delbert Hicks and Assad Fudadin) and in the female team (Nermala Sewdat, Melanie Henry, Nikita Toney, Shemaine Campbelle, Tessa Park, Erva Giddings, Phaffiana Millington, Jacquelin Singh and Oneika Tello);
  • Members represented Guyana at the Under-15 level (Shawn Perreira and Parmanand Narine), Under-19 level (Dominic Rikhi), at the senior level (Esaun Crandon, Royston Crandon and Assad Fudadin) and in female cricket (Nikita Toney, Melanie Henry, Shemaine Campbelle and Erva Giddings);
  • Members represented the West Indies at the West Indies 'A' team level (Assad Fudadin) and in female cricket (Shemaine Campbelle);
  • Attracted a new sponsor in Gizmos and Gadgets for their first division team, to add to the existing list of sponsors which includes Bakewell, Farfan and Mendes, DDL Pepsi and Metro Office Supplies;
  • Successfully hosted (1) the 7th Edition of the Guyana Beverages Company-sponsored Busta Champion of Champions and (2) the 14th Annual Cricket Academy in July/August which attracted 120 young cricketers between the ages of 8 to 18 years;
  • Held the 19th Annual RHTYSC awards ceremony was held in March with over $2.5M worth of prizes, trophies and medals awarded to club members;
  • Twelve young cricketers benefited from cricket gear under the club’s second annual Basil Butcher Berbice Cricket Development Trust Fund at the cost of $300,000 and four young Berbice cricketers also received $250,000 worth of cricket gear under the second annual RHTYSC/Western Union Junior Ambassador Programme.
  • Royston Crandon won the Guyana Cricket Board's 2010 Domestic Cricketer-of-the-Year award.
  • Shemaine Campbelle won the Guyana Cricket Board's 2010 Female Cricketer-of-the-Year award.

RHTYSC won the Guyana Cricket 2010 Club-Of-The-Year award.

2009 Activities

At the Third Annual Awards Ceremony of the Berbice Cricket Board in Feb 2010, Rose Hall Town received the "Berbice Club of the Year" award.

Rose Hall Town defeated Albion by 6 wickets in the final of the 2009 Leslie Amsterdam Memorial Under-17 tournament, played at the Port Mourant ground.

2007 Activities

(Report from club secretary, Hilbert Foster)

Five senior players (Esaun Crandon, his younger brother Royston, Assad Fudadin, Andre Percival and wicket keeper/batsman Delbert Hicks) represented Berbice in the Inter-County championships. The two Crandons and Fudadin represented Guyana in the Regional Carib Beer and KFC Cup tournaments.

The club also gave some of the Under-17 and Under-19 players a chance to play first-division cricket in the absence of the senior players. They gave creditable returns in the first division, with three 12-year-olds being among them.

Shawn Perreira and Loydel Lewis took 10 wickets between them when RHTY&SC played against the Berbice Youth Squad, who were bowled out for 130 in the Telenec-sponsored BCB 50-overs first division competition. Perreira continued to torment the Youth Squad when he opposed them in the BCB Isaac Bissoon three-day competition for first-division teams with a haul of 5-12.

Rose Hall Town Windies Sports Bar reached the semi-finals of the GCB nationwide Neal and Massy competition, where they lost to eventual champions Georgetown Cricket Club.

They, however, redeemed themselves with victories in the final of the Busta Champion-of-Champions competition defeating Albion Sports Club in the final whilst their Under-19 and Under-15 teams won the George Trim Memorial and Eric Lewis Cup competitions respectively.

The seniors also qualified for the semifinals in the Berbice zone of the national Carib Beer/Pepsi sponsored Twenty20 first division competition, which is yet to be played.

Seven members of the Rose Hall Town female cricket team represented Berbice in the female Inter County competition, with national player Tremayne Smartt going on to lead Berbice. She also represented Guyana in the double-wicket competition held in Trinidad and Tobago.

Corporate Guyana continued to pour financial and other assistance to the club to assist with its feeding programmes and other non cricket activities.

RHTY&SC donated G$1.2m, consisting of gear, stationery and uniforms, to other clubs in Berbice. The club also donated stationery and medical supplies to the BCB, whilst umpire Compton Vyphius was honored for his sterling contribution to cricket. Several young cricketers were also beneficiaries of cricket gear including Ranga Lachigadu and national Under -19 opener Rajendra Chandrika.

Members of the Guyana and Leeward Islands cricket team were hosted at a luncheon where honorary membership was bestowed on Guyana and West Indies captain Ramnaresh Sarwan along with Sylvester Joseph, Omari Banks and Ralston Otto from the Leeward Islands team.

Both teams also assisted the club in its feeding programme, and Sarwan also took the opportunity to donate $100,000.00 to the club’s education fund which is held under his name.

RHTY&SC provided trophies to the BCB since March for its annual award ceremony, which was still to occur. The club renewed its sponsorship with DDL through its Pepsi Brand for the Under-19 team, Farfan and Mendes for the Under-15 team and new sponsors Windies Sports Bar (who replaced Courts Guyana Limited) for the senior teams - a total of $500,000.

The club also held several non-cricket-associated programmes during the year including "A Tribute to Mothers" programme held on Mother’s Day, and a tribute to heroes and seniors programme. The club also provided a feeding programme where the less fortunate were provided with meals.

A massive HIV/AIDS campaign by the club was ongoing in the Berbice area, targeting youths. RHTY&SC players helped spread the message for programme, which had the blessings of the Ministry of Health and was well received throughout Berbice. A monthly television show was also being used by the club on DTV 8 with two programmes, “Focus on Youth and Sports” and “Cellink Musical”, being used to educate the public.

RHTY&SC had a lot planned for 2008. High on the agenda for the club’s Competitions Committee was the organizing of several competitions which had already secured sponsors.

The club intended to work with the BCB to organize several competitions for clubs and schools in Berbice, including a bigger and better Busta Champion-of-Champions competition, and a Twenty20 competition for secondary schools, in which the winning school would receive a complete computer system and the runner-up a 27-inch TV, amongst other prizes.

Two major Twenty20 competitions for first-division teams in Berbice, one for second division teams and one for female teams, were also being planned.

Arrangements were being finalized with the Guyana Cricket Board for a Twenty20 match between Demerara and Berbice, as a tribute to former Guyana and West indies middle order batsman Basil Butcher.

The club was considering the participation of its Under-15 team in the BCB second-division competition, to gain experience for not only for Berbice or Guyana cricket, but for West Indies cricket as a whole.

Construction work on the sightscreens, outfield and pitch were also planned for 2008. The club hoped to receive its Stanford stipend from the GCB, as part of the Stanford Development Project, after having waited 18 months already.

The club thanked everyone for their contributions, especially Food for the Poor, Sterling Products Limited, Windies Sports Bar, DDL(Pepsi), GT&T (Cell Link), Banks DIH, Bakewell Limited, Ansa Mc Al, Farfan and Mendes Limited, Republic Bank (Guyana ) Limited, Guyana Beverages Company (Busta), Western Union, John Fernandes, Beharry Group of Companies, Ricks and Sari Limited, Peter Lewis, Roop Group, Metro Office Supplies, West Indies captain Ramnaresh Sarwan and most importantly, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.