New Line Cavaliers

Name: New Line Cavaliers Cricket Club
Address: West Bank Demerara
Ground: Canal No 2 Ground

New Line Cavaliers Cricket Club plays first class cricket under the Demerara Cricket Board and second class cricket under the West Demerara Cricket Association. New Line Cavaliers has attracted the services of several top Berbice players and other players from outside the West Demerara area, as the list of players below indicates.

2009 players include: Ameer Azeez, Budhan Baksh, Trevor Benn (Georgetown Police fast bowler), Maxwell Fraser, Assad Fudadin (Berbice and Guyana batsman), Shien Gittens (Georgetown club pace bowler), Anthony Ifill,  Andrew Lyght Jr. (Rest), Andre Percival (Berbice and Guyana batsman), Chubraj Ramcharran, Balram Samaroo (Berbice player), Gajanand Singh (captain, Berbice and Guyana batsman) and Avinash Sookdeo.