Maria's Pleasure SC (Wakenaam)

Name: Maria's Pleasure Sports Club
Address: Maria's Pleasure, Wakenaam, Essequibo
Ground: Maria's Pleasure ground.

2013 Activities

Division 2 A&F Shipping Twenty20:

  • (3 Feb at Wakenaam Community Centre) Good Success defeated Maria’s Pleasure by 3 wickets. Maria’s Pleasure 97 in 19.2 overs (V Sanchara 18, C Ragnauth 3-8, N Mohamed 3-12). Good Success 98-7 in 11.3 overs (S Namaz 44, I Khan 28, V Sanchara 3-23).

Players include: Vinod Sanchara.

Maria's Pleasure Sports Club is in Wakenaam, in the Essequibo River. The pitch at the Maria's Pleasure ground was re-laid in 2010.

Players include: Cort Graham, Bernard Lewis, Kennard Lewis, Leonard Lewis, Thakur Persaud, Marsh Singh.

Maria's Pleasure participated in the 2009 Busta 40-overs competition, and 2010 Igloo Ice Cream 40-overs competition.