Foster Quits as BCB Official

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Guyana Times
Guyana Times Staff

Long-serving Secretary/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) and 2010 National Sports Commission’s Personality-of-the-Year, Hilbert Foster, has stepped down as Chairman of the highly successful Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) Special Events Committee.

Foster has decided to concentrate on his duties at the RHTY&SC, which undertakes over 200 programmes/activities on an annual basis, and which in 2015, would be observing its Silver Jubilee Anniversary.

The BCB, in 2008 under the leadership of the then acting President Keith Foster, established the Special Events Committee and the younger Foster was asked to head it.

“The Committee over the last seven years has undertaken over 700 activities/programmes for Berbice Cricket, and is primarily responsible for the huge respect Berbicians have developed for the Berbice Cricket Board over the years,” the BCB said in a press release.

The BCB, over the last seven years, has successfully transformed itself from being a mere cricketing body into a highly respected Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). Foster stated that he was very proud of his many achievements over the last seven years, but felt that the time had come for others to contribute as leaders and must only serve for a while before moving on to allow new ideas to come on board.

Under Foster’s visionary leadership, the BCB was able to host numerous new programmes, including BCB Educational Awards Scheme, Tribute to Retired Cricketers, Tribute to Heroes, Tribute to Coaches, Annual Awards Ceremony, Annual Cricket Academy, Guyoil county-wide coaching programme, Annual Review Magazine, Mother and Father-of-the-Year, Berbice Hall of Fame, County-wide cricket exhibition, Senior Players Charity Programme, School bags for cricketers project, numerous cricketing clinics, Tribute to Groundsmen, Inter-county MVP, Christmas Charity Programme and Tribute to Journalists.

“While most of the Special Events Committee programmes were his ideas, Foster’s most cherished visionary ideas were the Berbice All-Time Cricket XI teams, Inter-zone Cricket Tournaments, Hall of Fame, Independence Day 20/20 Cup, Role Model/Mentor programme, Internal Inter-zone Tournament for village teams, first aid kits for clubs, cricketers anti-HIV/AIDS March and Rally, Berbice Inter-county Cap System, Personal Development Skills Clinic, Test Cricketers Billboard, Elite Training Programmes and Educational Cricket Posters,” the BCB statement highlighted.

The hard-working Foster also headed the BCB’s 70th Anniversary Committee in 2009 and Golden Jubilee Celebration in 2014, both celebrations comprising a total of 60 activities.

Special memories

He stated that he has special memories of raising close to $300,000 for a child from West Berbice in one hour on behalf of the BCB to allow her to undertake an emergency medical operation and assisting over 50 clubs in Berbice with millions of dollars worth of items to fulfil their mandates.

Foster also single-handedly raised over $20 million worth of financial and material sponsorship for the BCB by using his vast influence with sponsors and donors.

He stated that his love and respect for his elder brother Keith inspired him to make sure that his brother’s presidency of the BCB would always be remembered as a memorable period in the history of Berbice Cricket.

“With the Special Events Committee raising the sponsorship, Berbice cricketers were able to play cricket at the Under-13, Under-15, Under-17, Under-19, Inter-zone, internal zone, Under-21, Under-23, Intermediate, Second Division and First Division levels. As Public Relations Officer of the Berbice Cricket Board, Foster also worked overtime to make sure that Berbicians were kept abreast of the activities of the Board, via the electronic and printed media,” the BCB revealed.

He would like to express gratitude to Carl Moore; his brother Keith; Anil Beharry; Hubern Evans; Gregory Rambarran; Angela Haniff; Romash Munna, alias Moonsee; Shabeer Baksh; Leslie Solomon; Julian Cambridge; David Black; Carol Nurse; and Rabindranauth Saywack for their support over the years, while special mention was made of Malcolm Peters, Bishwa Panday, Bissoondyal Singh, Chetram Singh, Mortimer George, Albert Smith, Vickram Seubarran, Dhieranidranauth Somwaru and Alfred Mentore for their support and timely advice.

Foster also expressed gratitude to members of the media for their coverage of the Special Events Committee activities and special mention was made of Kaieteur News, Guyana Chronicle, Stabroek News, Guyana Times, National Communications Network, TVG, DTV-8 and LRTVS CH10.

The long-serving cricket administrator wished the newly elected BCB Executives all the best in the future and expressed great confidence in the leadership ability of the new President, Anil Beharry.

“His service to Berbice cricket would, however, not be lost totally as he says he would be available to share his vast experience with others and to assist with some special events if required,” the BCB release concluded.