DCC Lights Commissioned

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Guyana Times
Guyana Times Staff

History was created last weekend when the newly installed floodlights were commissioned by Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony at the ground’s location in Queenstown.

This new development was made possible through a collaborative effort between the club and the Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA). During his remarks at the event, Dr Anthony commended the two bodies for working together to make the project a reality.

From the start of the discussions between the GFSCA and DCC, both entities agreed that the project was worthwhile with Dr Anthony noting that in Guyana’s long cricket history, the DCC has contributed quite a lot to the development of the game.

The club is celebrating its 102nd anniversary this year and in the short period since the softball association came into being, it has also made a significant contribution to cricket in Guyana.

Dr Anthony said he particularly appreciates the softball association because it gives those who have retired from hardball cricket a chance to still be in the sport; and the GFSCA has also been able to host a yearly softball tournament which included players from Guyana and overseas.

Acting president of the club, Ian John, also welcomed the installation of floodlights at the facility, noting that it will provide an opportunity for older cricketers to engage in matches in the nights.

GFSCA president Ramchand Ragbeer noted that several other clubs were considered, but DCC, which is known as the ‘Home of the Legends’, was selected because it is considered as one of the leading cricket clubs in Guyana. Ragbeer emphasised that this achievement took tremendous efforts on both parties involved and other well-wishers, disclosing that the GFSCA has an interest in assisting other clubs.